Facing Foreclosure? knowledge is everything.

To be perfectly clear, TitleTracs can NOT be used to stop a foreclosure action BUT it will tell you IF the lender foreclosing has any rights to take the home as it most likely no longer secures the mortgage. A foreclosure defense is a completely different kind of case than a quiet title action, although its implications, especially when a Court agrees, has a serious affect on the attempted foreclosure's outcome.

A quiet title action runs separate from a foreclosure case and it is important to understand the difference. Whether you are in default of your mortgage has NO bearing whatsoever in the QT action and should not be mentioned as it has nothing to do with TITLE which is all you are asking the Court to decide. The quiet title action usually concludes long before the foreclosure does, if it even still continues once the critical flaws are brought to light. The loan may or may not still exist but to whom?

TitleTracs is a research tool that is used for whatever purpose the homeowner has in mind, foreclosure or just to find out if they are making payments to the right lender. In most cases, they aren't.

Legal ownership of the mortgage may be impossible to determine OR the mortgage may have become unsecured by unknown events. Challenging TITLE in Court is much quicker, usually taking up to 120 days to conclude, whereby a lender must PROVE ownership of TITLE - not just that they can ENFORCE the debt.

But first things, first. You must find out exactly what is happening within your chain of title. Order your TitleTracs investigation and report as soon as possible. Deadlines come up fast and you want to be ahead of them. The TitleTracs Report will tell you what options you may have going forward.

We work with investors, too

IF we don't find strong enough evidence to get the job done and it won't take years or a lot of money to litigate, we also work with investors who offer our clients options such as:
    Stay in your home - Lease with the Option to Buy Back later
    Cash for Keys - Sell the property to our investors with cash to start over

Any way you cut it, TitleTracs may be able to help!