Put the focus where it belongs - on YOUR ownership.

FACT: Banks/lenders securitize 90% of mortgages to this very day, packaging them up and selling them over and over on Wall Street. It can happen at any time. Only legal transfers of ownership was never done, unknowingly clouding millions of land titles across America.

These events created opportunities you may not be aware of that work to your advantage.

You Have Unprecedented Options Available to You Once You've "Quieted" Your Title.


Restoring Equity By "Quieting" Title

Quieting Title is "Preventative Adjudication" - no MONEY can be claimed by damages. It is an action to remove adverse claims against your title, very limited in its scope.

But that's the beauty of it. No trials, juries or "Law & Order" antics to prove your case. It's straight forward and clean.

The judge looks at WHY you believe there is a problem, the opposing side presents their side and the judge makes his decision. Is there a break in the Chain - Yes or No? TitleTracs only focuses on the most irrefutible events that can't be argued to achieve the most favorable outcome.

Option 1

Re-Negotiate Your Mortgage OR Get a New One

This is the quickest option. After presenting TitleTracs evidence to your lender, ask to renegotiate your current loan on YOUR terms (principal reduction) OR find a new one. And if they are uncooperative, you can always bring them to Court to prove their standing to collect on your mortgage. We believe they most likely can't.

Use the newly restored equity in your home to pay off other debt or finally be able to buy the things you want. Homeowners get a fresh new start by suddenly having no debt and only a small mortgage!

Option 2

Cut to the Chase and Let a Judge Decide

Remember, all that must be determined is IF there has been a break in the chain of title. Nothing else.

If TitleTracs finds evidence that proves a lender claiming ownership to your mortage really has no legal right to collect, the judge could eliminate them completely from your title, especially if ownership of your mortgage has become "forever unknown" (DOJ/FBI).

If you haven't heard from a different lender by now, you most likely won't. And once the Court rules in your favor, the debt may still exist, but to whom? Quieting title is the only remedy, restoring massive equity in your property.

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Option 3

Sell Your Property After Restoring Equity

TitleTracs gives you the ability to negotiate a fair settlement of your existing mortgage or eliminate it entirely by quieting title. Homeowners can sell the property knowing that title has been resolved, using the equity to invest, pay off debt or buy a better home.

TitleTracs works closely with investors who can offer cash for your property with very quick closings.

Knowledge is power.

Over 80% of the properies we've researched had fatal flaws that made valid loan ownership transfers impossible. Banks neglected to do the proper documentation and process to maintain the chain of title where it counts - in county land record. The loan may have been sold on Wall Street but if it's not reflected correctly in county land record, it most likely didn't happen and homeowners would never know.

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