About Us

We know, we've been there, too!

About TitleTracs

For 10 years, we've taken a different approach to mortgage fraud by researching the issues from the TITLE side of the transaction. We've compiled massive databases of information, data and evidence and applied it to our own proprietary analytics. What it exposed was nothing short of shocking.

Our approach is very different from "forensic or securitization audits" that are currently available. We investigate TITLE by attacking the validity of documentation, adding in events, people and other data that will show breaks in the chain of ownership that a title company will not catch or acknowledge.

You CAN'T ENFORCE something you do not legally own. In foreclosure defense, all they have to do is prove they can ENFORCE THE DEBT - NOT THAT THEY ACTUALLY OWN IT. Huge difference. And if you are not in foreclosure, you may as well be paying the tooth fairy each month.

Our Proprietary Data & Analytics

We've built databses only we have, on pertinent people, events, entities, servicers, lenders, case law, white papers/briefs, opinions and much more. We've monitored nearly every case, saw what the court ruled, identified what could have been done differently and used that information in our investigations and analytics.

Then, we compile that information, apply our own analytics to produce very damning timelines that are not available anywhere. We produce the TitleTracs Report from only the most irrefutable issues as it only takes ONE event to cloud title, compromising EVERYTHING thereafter until resolved. You don't win a lawsuit by speculation or hearsay. We focus on only facts that cannot be argued - it is what it is.

This is what sets us apart from all the rest. Attorneys and investors who have used our research, LOVE US!