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TitleTracs Full

TitleTracsT Full is the extensive investigation and written report that includes timelines, supporting documentation and evidence, a full explanation and expert opinion of the findings, ready to plan your strategy. It also includes your potential options for recourse, depending upon your goals and needs. If you purchased the Lite Report first and then elect to continue based on our findings, you can receive a $300 credit towards the Full investigation.

TitleTracs Full: $1495.95

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Need time to get back on your feet? We have investors who can help!

Talk to us about your needs. We have investors who buy homes or do lease-back with an option to purchase programs available. Contact us for details.

Homeowners Have Options!

If we find problems, it's up to YOU in how you want to resolve them. The power is now in YOUR hands.
This is the quickest resolutation if you don't mind "negotiating with the devil" who compromised your ownership to begin with and may not even own the loan. However, it does cut things short. You can re-negotiate with your present alleged lender OR find a new one AFTER you've presented your TitleTracs evidence. And it they don't work with you, you can file an action to "quiet" title and remove them completely.
Should we find irrefutable proof that whomever is claiming ownership to your mortgage has NO standing, homeowers can file legal action to "quiet" title and have them removed entirely. The loan may still exist - but who do you pay? And if you haven't heard from anyone else by now, chances are pretty good you never will or they would have challenged the pretender lender's ownership themselves. A Quiet Title action is usually not a whole drawn out legal process like a foreclosure lawsuit. It's a pretty simple administrative action ruled on by a judge, no trials, no juries.
We have many investors who are eager to purchase your property, leasing it back to you until you get back on your feet. They will work with you on terms that suit your needs, giving you the option to buy it back later.
Many homeowners was to just avoid a foreclosure and sell it for what is owned on the mortgage, not having to worry about it any longer. Our investors will do everything possible to work with you to suit your needs.

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