Do You Have Any Questions?
Yes they do! You have no idea what happened within the chain of title before you owned it or even if you ever refinanced or modified your existing loan. Once a title has been clouded, everything thereafter is also clouded until it is resolved by Court Decree. You may have never received marketable title in the first place, despite what a title company tells you.
Abolutely not. Title companies have no knowledge or training to identify problems that have also clouded title such as loan securitization. They only deal with liens and encumbrances, paying out only 2-3% in any claims they may receive. A title policy only provides half of the view.
It's actually a great thing! You know have knowledge and power to determine what you do next - renegotiate your loan, get a new one or even eliminate the false lender claiming ownership entirely. If they don't own it, they have NO right to your money or home.
Yes, we do. We work closedly with many investors who have Lease with Option or straight purchase programs. Contact us for more information.
It usually takes 1-2 weeks, depending upon where the research leads and what we find or may have to ask for from outside sources. If you need it expedited, please email us with your needs and we will do everything we can to help.
Absolutely! Losing a home is heart-breaking but there may be a silver lining. You have now suffered a loss whereas if you were still fighting to stop a foreclosure, you haven't. If it was an illegal foreclosure, you may not be able to get the property back unless the bank still has it in inventory and hasn't sold it yet. However, you CAN sue for monetary damages (usually 3x's the value of loss) if you choose to pursue it. Having a TitleTracs Report can be taken to any attorney and the case is already laid out for them, showing where the problems lie.